5 Weeks Post-op (Summary)

My progress at 5 weeks:



  • I don’t often use the strip of gauze I had been wrapping around my penis (to protect sensitive flesh). I think I’ve used it part of two days of the last seven.
  • I had no swelling in my scrotum for a few days which correlated with very little pain. I’ve had just a little bit of swelling the last day or so. This has caused me to be a little achy but it hasn’t been bad. I did take a Norco last night as I was achy enough (with some sharp twinges) that I found it difficult to get to sleep.
  • The “itch attacks” are still rare (a couple of times a week) but I’ve found that a lotion or cream with hydrocortisone helps. I’m pretty sure the itching is from the stitches and possibly dry skin surrounding the stitches. I do have to be careful of rubbing when I itch so that I don’t make myself sore.
  • I can still see some of the stitches around the glans of my penis where it meets the shaft. I can feel a line of stitches on the under side of the shaft, slightly to the left, running from the base to the glans. There are also still visible stitches where the testicular implants were inserted.
  • I can easily see the stitches along the mid-line of my scrotum. The upper/front half has healed enough that I can no longer see stitches. I can still see a few of those on the lower half (back toward the anus). I still have a very small amount of blood coming from the very rear of this stitch line (which is normal – this will stop when the healing is complete).
  • The inside of my cheek is feeling almost normal. It’s a little lumpy but I can no longer feel stitches. I chew normally, on both sides of m mouth, without a second thought about it.


Positioning and movement

  • Sitting and standing aren’t too bad – a lot of walking is still the most uncomfortable.
  • As long as I’m sitting on something soft I can sit up for longer periods and a bit straighter (thought not completely upright unless I perch on the edge of the seat).
  • I still walk a little like a cowboy but more out of playing it safe, I think. I feel pressure if I try to walk normally but no pain.
  • I still haven’t slept on my side. I’ve tried doing it a couple of times with a pillow between my legs but I can’t get comfortable. So I’m still sleeping on my back and using pillows to prop my knees so my lower back doesn’t become sore.
  • I have driven my personal vehicle which has an automatic transmission. It is a bit uncomfortable because I can’t keep my legs as far apart as I’d like and because I have to sit almost upright (on a folded, very soft blanket).
  • I am not back at work (thankfully) and won’t go back before 9 December (at the earliest). I will decide on the 6th but will likely take more time off.
  • Again, I am able to do more and for longer than I could a week ago. Having said that, I’m still taking it easy.



  • My overall pain level has continued to decrease.
  • I’ve taken Tylenol only on a couple of days this week and Norco on two days as well. I took two Norco six days ago (Thanksgiving day) and one last night.
  • The less I’m up and moving around, the less discomfort I experience – things are certainly still improving.
  • Some days there is still a slight increase in discomfort in the evenings.



  • I still get a little bit of burning when I urinate but it’s very little. And I no longer get blood from the urethra. That faded and stopped after I began urinating through it regularly.
  • I am urinating through my urethra all of the time. I began voiding on day 24 and had the supra-pubic catheter removed on day 33. I would not have waited so long but the holiday made waiting unavoidable.
  • The last couple of days before the supra-pubic catheter was removed I began to get a bit of an infection around the entry point. There was just a little bit of pus so I’m continuing the antibiotics as OK’d by my doctor. It looks alright now, I think, as the entry spot has closed with a little scab and the surrounding tissue isn’t too red. Still, I will continue the antibiotics for the next several days.
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