Feeling better; Thinking about my job

Just a quick update. First, the discharge continues to lessen. With any luck it will stop completely in the next day or two. Since the swelling went down so much in my scrotum I’ve been pushing that tissue around and feeling the implants. It doesn’t hurt at all and I hope it will help prevent more swelling.

Speaking of almost no pain in my scrotum, I was able to sit on a wooden dining room chair today and play cards for almost three hours. It was nice to be able to sit upright without discomfort. I can sit on a cushioned chair but there is still just a bit of discomfort from the cushion pushing up on my scrotum. Even then it isn’t bad but a hard chair is even better because there is no pressure at all.

All of this makes me think about going back to work so I have to think about shifting gears and sitting for extended periods of time. I could go back to work on Thursday (December 9) but I’m going to extend my time off until December 18. I think I could go back this week but I’m not sure how I would hold up. Since I have the option to extend I have decided to play it safe. I’d rather take too much time off than too little.

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