5 Weeks, 5 Days: Drainage less but ongoing

I’m still feeling pretty good. I have arranged to return to work on the 18th (in 12 days) and I’m looking forward to it. I might have been able to go back later this week and been alright but I feel confident that I’ll be good to go by the end of next week.

I still have a tiny amount of yellow-colored fluid draining from the hole left at the vaginal closure but I’m hopeful that it will stop soon. I have a couple of antibiotics left so we’ll see what happens. If I still have yellow-colored drainage in a few days I’ll go see my doctor. I’ll be emailing an update to Miro (my surgeon) on Wednesday so I’ll see what he says.

    • Liam
    • December 7th, 2010

    Hey! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences so thoroughly! I do have one question though. When miro fashions your scrotum, is it two separate sacs or does he join them in the center? I believe I’ve seen both.

    • It’s actually two separate sacs. The mid-line between them is sutured but that is due to the vaginal closure. I imagine he could do a revision later to join the two sacs but you’d have to check with him about that.

      I’m glad the blog is helpful and thanks for letting me know.

    • Jessi
    • January 7th, 2012

    So just curious, did you have to apply for a leave of absence or something from your job? I need to start thinking about planning this kind of thing someday but curious if you had much trouble getting the time off!

    • I did take a leave of absence. I also used vacation days so I’d have some income while I was off work.

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