Doctors, Infections, and Stitches

If you’ve been following my recovery you know that I have had some yellow-colored discharge from the hole left at the end of the vaginal closure. I also had some stitches along that line which were relatively loose and knotted. I suspect those knots were causing some irritation and even a very tiny amount of bleeding.

E-mail exchange with Miro
I emailed Miro, my surgeon, and specifically mentioned the stitches and some swelling and discomfort I had a couple of days ago. I asked if it would be alright have the visible portion of the stitches along the closure cut away. He said that was fine. He also mentioned that while six weeks is enough time for capsules to form around the testicular implants, it is not enough time for complete healing of the scrotum. He thought the new swelling was caused by my activities a few days ago and wants me to continue to be careful while sitting, walking, and driving. I assured him I am doing so.

My Local Doctor
Yesterday I saw my general doctor about the stitches and the yellow-colored discharge. He cut away those loose stitches and the tugging made me pretty sore. He also took a close look at everything else and was happy with my healing progress (he last saw me 9 days previously). He told me that I needed to do a better job of cleaning the folds on and around my penis and to take care to keep them dry. I thought I’d been keeping everything clean but apparently not clean enough. And, frankly, there are folds and crevices I didn’t know about (I’m not a contortionist and it’s difficult to find and see everything while holding a mirror with one hand. I have, however, worked it out – I think – and am keeping things more clean and dry).

NOTE: There are a lot of details about post-op care that are left out by the surgical team. Typically we are very well-informed about the surgical procedures and risks – and I think they expect us to be just as well-informed about aftercare. The team also seems to have a general outlook of, “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright…” and they don’t worry about crossing a bridge until they actually get to a bridge. Sometimes getting information, especially speculative information, is challenging.

My doctor did not see any discharge until he dabbed a bit of gauze at the small hole at the end of the stitch line. It came away with a tiny amount of yellow fluid. While I was in the doctor’s office they also checked my urine for signs of infection (which has been a concern since the catheter came out). The urine test showed that I have a slight infection. Considering that and the yellow discharge from the vaginal closure my doctor prescribed more antibiotics (generic for Augmentin to take twice per day for seven days. I have been taking only one per day for the last several weeks). He also gave me a prescription to help avoid yeast infection (Diflucan). He asked if I liked yogurt and I told him I’ve been taking a probiotic on a daily basis. He was glad to hear it and recommended I continue (oh, and I bought more yogurt).

Soreness and Discomfort
Before my appointment with the doctor yesterday, which was at 1310, I stopped at the bank and a couple of stores. After the appointment I stopped for lunch and at a couple of other stores. All of the stops were relatively brief and didn’t really involve a lot of walking. But by the time I got to the last store it was about 1600 and I decided to skip it and go home. I’d become fairly uncomfortable by then and there wasn’t anything on my grocery list that couldn’t wait a couple of days. So I went home and about a half hour after I got there I took a Norco. I guess between the walking and driving, as well as the doctor pushing skin and tugging stitches, my scrotum was just over it. My pain level was at a 4, pushing a 5.

This morning I was alright and my discomfort was closer to a 1 on the scale. Naturally, I had high hopes of a good day and taking it easy. I left home about 1100 to drive 40 minutes to my grandmother’s house (she has an early appointment tomorrow and I’m driving her). I stopped on the way and picked up a couple of grocery items for her as well as my antibiotic prescriptions. By the time I got to her house I was becoming sore again. My mom joined us shortly after my arrival and we all had lunch and played dominoes. We were probably an hour into the game, about 1400, when I gave up and took a Norco. The pain had crept back up to what it was yesterday evening and I decided against ignoring it.

By the way, sitting at the dining room table wasn’t the problem. I was no more comfortable sitting in the recliner than on the dining room chair. It’s just the same old story of paying the price for activity the day after I’ve been moving around.

That’s it for the last couple of days. I’ll be out and about tomorrow until early afternoon. I have a feeling I’ll spend the remainder of tomorrow and all of Saturday on the couch. We’ll see.

    • Rob
    • December 9th, 2010

    Your doc – is he a regular GP? Glad to hear that you’ll finally be on the mend with a full dose of antibiotics and some Diflucan.

    • Rob
    • December 9th, 2010

    Just reread your post in that you saw your general doctor. : )

    • LOL, I’m glad you spotted it. Hopefully these meds will do the trick. Right now I’m uncomfortable but I had a long day with a lot of walking. I’ll be taking it VERY easy over the next day or so! 🙂

  1. December 27th, 2010

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