7 Weeks Post-op (Detailed Summary)

My progress at 7 weeks:


General Healing

  • The swelling in the left side of my scrotum continued for several days. The tissue felt as if there were scar tissue or something semi-solid in there (I could feel the implant as well as other semi-solid matter). Three days ago the swelling decreased and I had more yellow-colored discharge coming from the hole at the vaginal closure. This morning, after my shower, I took photos of the area around the hole to get a better look and found that there were very small “chunks” or flecks of yellow stuff – as if the pus had partially solidified before it came out. (I contacted my doctor a few days ago when I found the new discharge and am staying on antibiotics an additional week. The last time I had this pus issue the discharge stopped after about 5 days. However, the last time I didn’t have semi-solid fluid so I have also emailed Miro. I am concerned by the thought that infection is sitting in my scrotum long enough for the pus to become semi-solid).
  • No itch attacks this week.
  • I no longer use a strip of gauze around my penis to protect that sensitive flesh. The flesh of my penis is still slightly sensitive but no more than it should be.
  • There are still visible stitches where the testicular implants were inserted though there are only a few. Occasionally I will notice a long end of a suture and I will cut it off.
  • The inside of my cheek feels pretty normal and I don’t even think about that donor site unless I’m brushing my teeth. It is still slightly sensitive (but not painful) to being brushed or bumped. It is less sensitive than it was last week, almost not sensitive at all, and only feels slightly uneven when I touch it with my tongue.


Positioning and Movement

  • I am still being careful while walking, sitting, and driving but I’m getting closer to normal movement. When my scrotum is swollen, however, all bets are off.

    • I am able to sit upright, especially on firm chairs, as long as I am careful. I am more comfortable than last week as long as I have no swelling.
    • I still walk with my legs apart slightly though I am able to walk with them together. If I have swelling in my scrotum I feel pressure and even discomfort when I walk normally. When I have no swelling I can walk normally with only a feeling of a bit of pressure.
    • When I need to do so I drive my personal vehicle without thinking about it. In a couple of days I’ll try driving at work (a truck with a clutch).
  • I’m still able to sleep on my side part of the night. I stack pillows beside me so I can place one knee/leg on them and keep pressure off my genitals. In some positions I do feel slight pressure but it is no longer uncomfortable and I’m able to fall asleep. (I still wake to move into and out of this position but there is much less discomfort than a week ago).
  • Again, I am able to do more and for longer than I could a week ago.



  • I had to take Norco a couple of times several days ago. I had swelling in my scrotum and that is painful if I do anything but stay on the sofa.



  • I still get a little bit of burning at the tip of my penis when I urinate but it’s very, very little.
  • I still sit to pee. I have too much extra flesh around my penis and the urine sometimes comes out in a fan for a moment. Maybe in time I’ll be able to drop trou and urinate standing. Urinating through my fly won’t happen before the mons resection.
  1. December 27th, 2010

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