Third Day Back at Work

My job is driving a truck. For once I sort of wish I worked behind a desk. At least for the next few weeks anyway, haha. Well, maybe not. I’ve been there and I don’t care for it. I’d much rather be alone in a truck.

Three quarters of the day isn’t bad. No pain just a little odd now and then. The last few hours become more and more uncomfortable. The difficult part is that I can’t stay in a comfortable position. If I’m driving longer distances on the highway it’s easier but shorter distances with a lot of turning and stopping wear me down because my jeans keep riding up.

Even then, I don’t end up in pain. Just really uncomfortable by the end of the day. I’m a little uncomfortable starting out this morning which is unusual. I hope it’s a fluke. Otherwise my discomfort might grow as the work days accumulate and that would suck, lol. I’d hate to spend my three days off in bed recovering from six days at work.

I’m still taking antibiotics and should finish Thursday or Friday. I haven’t seen any discharge for a few days but the left side of my scrotum is still larger than the right. A lot larger (and the right side is deflated with the implant very deep). The left isn’t sensitive, really, but it feels like there’s either scar tissue or caked up gunk in there. After the infections I’ve had I really don’t know which is the case. Naturally I hope it’s scar tissue from where Miro took tissue for the urethra.

  1. Glad to see you are hanging in there back at work. I hope it goes great for you and you continue to heal. Good luck, man.

    • Thanks man, I appreciate it. I’m making progress and that’s always a good thing!

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