2 Months Post-op (Detailed Summary)

My progress at 2

General Healing
In general I am pretty comfortable most of the time. I am, however, aware of occasional discomfort. I don’t know if this is from the tissue around my penis pressing on it, or from swelling issues I’ve had with my scrotum. I have been working on losing some weight (a few pounds already) and will get back in
the gym next week. I hope that (a) weight loss will help; and (b) there won’t be any more infection issues in my scrotum.

  • The swelling in the left side of my scrotum is either gone or very little. The left side still feels as if there is scar tissue or something semi-solid in there (I can feel the implant as well as other matter). That side is still larger than the right but it is not painful to touch. I can’t tell whether the left side is swollen or just larger because the implant is closer to the surface of the skin (which it is – the right implant is certainly deeper).
  • Over the last week or so I have had no more discharge (neither pus nor blood) from the hole left from the vaginal closure (see posts here and here
    for more about past discharge issues).
  • I finished the antibiotics three days ago. I hope I will not have a
    recurrence of the infections I’ve had in my scrotum.
  • The midline of my scrotum appears to be healing nicely. There haven’t been visible stitches along the midline since my primary care physician removed some stragglers 19 days ago.
  • I can no longer see stitches where the
    testicular implants were inserted though the suture lines are still a little lumpy. These lines are also slightly tender when pressed firmly.
  • The spot where the suprapubic
    catheter was inserted continues to heal well. I have a slight depression at the site which is purple
    in color and about .25 inches across. It is not sensitive.
  • The inside of my
    cheek feels pretty normal and I don’t even think about that donor site unless I touch it with my

Positioning and Movement

  • At this point I’m more comfortable if I walk normally (when my scrotum is swollen, however, all bets are off). I am still careful while sitting or
    driving but that’s mostly about the crotch of my pants. When they pull tight I am uncomfortable. Long hours sitting (while driving in particular) can be uncomfortable so I wear jeans which are as loose-fitting as possible.

  • I’m able to sleep on my side with little trouble. I place pillow(s) beside me so I can place one knee/leg on them but I did this even before surgery. Now it’s as much about
    comfort in my back as keeping pressure off my genitals. In some
    positions I do feel slight pressure but it is no longer really uncomfortable and I’m able to fall asleep – I just have to take care not to “pinch” my penis between my legs.


  • I started back to work on the 18th (9 days ago) and I drive a truck for a living. Most days, near the end of a long day driving, I have taken a couple of RRET Tylenol. I don’t have pain, really, just quite a bit of discomfort. The discomfort is due to my jeans and underwear rubbing my crotch but I haven’t decided whether my scrotum or my penis is what’s really bugging me. Regardless, by the end of the day I’m ready to get my pants off!


  • I still sit to pee. I have too much extra flesh around my penis (fat mons)
    to allow me to grip it to urinate. Also, the urine sometimes comes out in a fan or some other weird formation. Maybe in time I’ll be able to drop trou and urinate standing. Urinating through my fly won’t happen before the mons resection.
    • Tom
    • January 17th, 2011

    Hey man, hope you’re doing even better!

    • Better and better, lol. No pain, no drainage, no strictures or fistulas. Now I’m working on losing more weight so I can be in great shape for mons resection (and addressing my “wandering implant”, lol).

    • stewart roberts
    • March 15th, 2011

    I have contacted Miro and plan to have the surgery in December of this year 2011. You have mentioned having a fat mons, I do also, you also mentioned having a mons resection. Where are you getting this done, and keep in mind I am in Australia, what kind of doctor performs this, and roughly what the cost.
    Cheers Stewart
    By the way, have loved reading about your surgical journey, very informative, and interesting. Your accounts are what ended up helping me make the decision to go to Miro. Looking forward to hearing from you. Also, if you don’t mind how old are you, I am nearly 56.

    • Hello Stewart!
      First, please accept my apology for my tardy reply. I’ve really been busy and kept forgetting to get back to you. I am sorry about that.

      I’m happy to hear that my account has been helpful to you. I tried to record everything quickly and in detail so I wouldn’t forget anything.

      I do have a fat mons but that is changing since I’ve been exercising quite a lot in order to burn fat. I intend to lose more fat before the mons resection both for improved health as well as (I hope) better surgical results.

      I believe Miro told me he would do the mons resection for about 1200-1500 Euros. I should have recorded that in the blog as I can’t remember exactly. Of course, I would also have to pay for travel and lodging.

      I am going to consult Meltzer in Arizona about possibly performing the mons resection. This is absolutely no reflection on Miro’s capabilities but simply about costs. I am very happy I went with Miro initially but I believe the mons resection can be performed to my satisfaction by either surgeon. Once I check into that I will post about it.

      Oh, I’m 41 years old.

      Good luck and do feel free to ask questions again. I’ll try to be more expedient with my replies, lol.


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