Wandering Implant and A Lop-sided Scrotum

Below is my response to that which someone wrote in one of the FTM support groups about one side if his scrotum:
“When I massage the thing, it feels more fibrous than fluid-filled. I can see no signs of this thing deflating any time soon.”

The left side of my scrotum still feels this way (on the 27th I’ll be 3 months post-op). It is not painful or sensitive and the implant seems to be in a good place. It does not cause any issues with my penis. If anything, the “swelling” makes the scrotum look more natural. It hasn’t really changed much in a number of weeks now.

The right side, on the other hand, is “deflated” much of the time. The right implant is much deeper than the left. Sometimes the implant is where it belongs (lower) and the scrotum looks more full but not as full as the left side. Other times the right implant is high (up beside my penis) and the right scrotum looks deflated or shriveled. This can also cause discomfort, especially when my legs are closer together such as lying down or in certain seated positions, due to the implant pressing against the side of my penis.

I plan to have a mons resection this year and hope this “wandering implant” situation can be resolved at the same time.

    • Jay
    • February 9th, 2011

    My right implant is also deeper and pretty much never in a normal position. The left one finally is in a place where I like it but the right on seems very deep. I’m doing a lot of scrotal massage and stretching to see if it will help but it hasn’t yet. Eventually I think I will get a mons resection and have the right testicle repositioned.

    • Yeah, my right implant still migrates back and from its proper position in the scrotum to up beside my penis. It can be annoying but it’s not painful.

    • I meant back and forth, lol

    • stewart roberts
    • March 16th, 2011

    Me again, I was wondering now that some more time has passed, do you have very much sensation in the penis, and by that I mean erotic sensation. Again, look forward to hearing from you. If you don’t mind can you be explicit about the situation.
    Cheers Stewart

    • Yes, I have quote a lot of sensation. It is much more sensitive now that it was before surgery, I imagine because it is no longer hidden.

      • Ug, please ignore spelling errors. I’m using my cell phone and don’t always proofread as I should. :-/

    • Jessi
    • January 7th, 2012

    I’ve just finished reading and had a few questions. I believe I’d read that you already had top surgery but don’t remember if you said when. Here goes:

    First: How is the discomfort and healing process different between these two? I only know guys who’ve had top so far and they were both very happy with results and didn’t have too tough a time taking care of it and healing. Or has it been too long between that you aren’t sure? I’m very pro-top surgery and with the help of your very complete blog, considering bottom if I want some results that T can’t get me.

    Second: I know there’s some types of scar bandages that are supposed to aid in healing and overall reducing the appearance of scars. Did you use or ask about using these? I’m curious whether the difference in tissue makes it easier to heal scars. I worked at a piercing parlor and we always explained how oral and genital piercings healed faster than stuff like nipples and noses

    Last: Aside from the mons and right testicle issue, are you feeling pretty good about appearances? Relating to scars mostly, I’m curious if they seem to be healing to your satisfaction. Overall, most guys seem to be really happy with initial results and followup surgeries and the pics I’ve seen on professional surgeons websites seem to be really good.

    I really appreciate your time here and you’ve put a lot of effort into detailing all the things you’ve encountered. I hope I’m not prodding too much, I’m also pretty private with this kind of thing, so I understand if you don’t feel like answering!

    THANKS (so much, really!!)

    • The pain and recovery with top surgery was different. There wasn’t as much pain or pain as sharp. Having said that, I think the worst pain with lower surgery was due to infection. And removing the stent was just plain awful due to the swelling.
      With both surgeries, once drains and things were removed I had no issues taking car of myself. It was mostly about know in advance what my limitations would be so I could prepare.

      As for scars from lower surgery – I can’t see any. I didn’t use anything special on the incisions. If I look closely I can see marks from stitches around the head of my penis but only because I’m looking for them. They’re very light.

      Overall, for what I had done, I am satisfied. It could be much better with the mons resection, I’m sure. And, frankly, I believe the results would be a little better if I’d had it all done in stages. But, as I said before, that was out of my reach financially.

        • Jessi
        • January 21st, 2012

        Thanks! That is super helpful/informative to hear. I’m too chicken/commitment phobic to really plan it out yet, but it does seem stages works pretty well. I think because I’m indecisive I may have to do in stages just because, ha ha. It’s amazing to have such a detailed and rational blog on the subject, I’m still going through others in your links but so far your approach is my favorite. Thanks yet again for taking the time and doing such a great job, I can’t say thanks enough, honestly. I feel so much more hopeful and enthusiastic about the future and also like I have choices and options I had never considered before. I’ve forwarded the link to relevant friends and really appreciate the effort you’ve put into both the blog and all your responses. I’m glad things turned out well and hope to have as much success with whatever transitioning things I end up going with!

        Much regards!

    • Jessi
    • January 7th, 2012

    Oh crud, sorry, I just realized the dates are from last year! Anyways, questions still apply and thanks are still copious!

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