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Wandering Implant and A Lop-sided Scrotum

Below is my response to that which someone wrote in one of the FTM support groups about one side if his scrotum:
“When I massage the thing, it feels more fibrous than fluid-filled. I can see no signs of this thing deflating any time soon.”

The left side of my scrotum still feels this way (on the 27th I’ll be 3 months post-op). It is not painful or sensitive and the implant seems to be in a good place. It does not cause any issues with my penis. If anything, the “swelling” makes the scrotum look more natural. It hasn’t really changed much in a number of weeks now.

The right side, on the other hand, is “deflated” much of the time. The right implant is much deeper than the left. Sometimes the implant is where it belongs (lower) and the scrotum looks more full but not as full as the left side. Other times the right implant is high (up beside my penis) and the right scrotum looks deflated or shriveled. This can also cause discomfort, especially when my legs are closer together such as lying down or in certain seated positions, due to the implant pressing against the side of my penis.

I plan to have a mons resection this year and hope this “wandering implant” situation can be resolved at the same time.


Size Matters

We’ve all heard it for years, right? But the size I’m talking about is body size. More specifically, body fat.

Most folks would say I’m not fat. I do carry some extra weight though and I could lose another 20 lbs. Just as importantly, I have been heavier. At my heaviest I weighed about 45lbs more than I do now.

This blog isn’t about losing weight so you might be wondering what my point is. My point is that I have a fat mons and it hides half of my penis. That’s right. So I have to push that fat-filled skin back in order to see the base of my penis. This makes it more difficult to clean among other things.

I’ll be having a mons revision, hopefully next year. I should have lost more weight before coming over here but that’s spilt milk. I just thought I’d let you know.

Post-op: Notes about surgery

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is currently in development. As the next several weeks pass I’ll be adding posts as well as adding more information to old posts so be sure to check them again. Eventually I’ll have added everything I remember and I’ll remove this note.

Twenty-four hours ago I came out of surgery where Dr. Miroslav “Miro” Djordjevice (at left) and his team performed the metoidioplasty, colpocleisis (vaginal closure), scrotoplasty with medium implants, and urethral lengthening with buccal mucosa grafts. (Some patients have enough genital tissue alone to lengthen the urethra but for most he also uses tissue from inside the cheek of the mouth, buccal mucosa).

Miro now has both small and medium testicular implants on hand for surgery. He has found that some guys don’t have enough space for the medium prosthetics so he has the small on hand as well. He asked my permission to make the call while in surgery. Without hesitation I gave him permission. I told him I’d rather have smaller testicles than try to force larger implants only to have complications. (As it turned out I had plenty of space for the medium-sized implants.)

As with many other guys, I will need a mons resection for optimal results. Even though I’m not terribly overweight, I have a fatty mons, lol. It has to go. I asked him for a time and money estimate and coming here for mons resection would definitely be the best option. He takes no salary for the mons following the meta so the cost would be between 1000-1500 euros. I’d need to be here 4 days (1 day before surgery, the day of surgery, then two more). Usually after two days the drains can come out and you can go back home. He said it’s normal to be off work 10 days afterward.

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