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    • Jessi
    • January 5th, 2012

    Hi there,

    I was wondering about your choice of doctor and location. Did you choose them because they are close to where you live? If this in answered in your blog I’m sorry for asking a redundant question!

    • My choice was based on cost. I was able to have the procedures done at a bit more than half what it would have cost me in the U.S.A.
      Even with travel expenses the cost was much lower.

  2. Seems like it has been a year or so since surgery. Are you able to drive, exercise and sleep comfortably? At what point did all this become routine? It’s been 3 weeks for me and I can’t wait to resume jogging and hiking. One implant has also migrated deeper, though not ‘up’ that I think most guys experience. Thoughts?

    • Everything is comfortable and has been for quite a while. Within 3 or 4 months of surgery, I suppose. sleeping on my side, which is my tendency, is a little weird. Depending on how I place my legs I might feel the pressure of the implants. Not pain, just a weird discomfort.
      The only time I’m uncomfortable is when my pants ride up or something. You know, pressure is annoying, lol. Not necessarily painful, just annoying.

      I have yet to address the high implant or the mons resection. I’d like to have the surgery to correct but I hate having to use up my vacation time to do it. Maybe I will eventually.

  3. Just coming by to check on you…im nearing my 2 year mark sheesh how time flies, how is everything going for you?

    • Same old, same old, man. Living life and carrying on. Nothing has really changed physically. I never went for a correction for the “wandering implant” nor the mons resection. I’m not sure I will, honestly.
      Everything going well for you?

  4. Hi, I’ve just read through your entire blog and found every post as interesting as the last.

    I’ve recently decided to write a book about a FTM and wanted to make sure I knew everything and didn’t make it out to be like a bed of roses. (I have a little help because it’s wrote from someone else’s point of view)

    But your blog has helped loads!

    Hope You’re Well!

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