Seven weeks

In seven weeks I’ll be in Belgrade, settling in and prepping the apartment for my stay after surgery.

Seven weeks.



Medical supplies I am to bring

As requested by Marta, I will be taking some medication and supplies with me to Belgrade. I can only assume I would be charged for these items if I didn’t bring them along.

This is what I received a few days ago via email:

Also you need to stop with the Testosterone three weeks before the surgery.

I hope that you are using the penile pump, which you need to use until
the surgery.

Here is the reminder about the things that you need to bring to Belgrade:

1. antiembolism stockings up to your thighs (groins)

2. Antibiotics: Augmentin a 1 g for twice a day usage, for 7 days and then
one tablet per day until having the suprapubic drainage [removed?]

3. Antibiotics: Levofloxacine tablets a 250mg for twice a day use for 7 days

4. Testosterone shot, we will give it to you few days after the surgery.

5. If you have some favorite pain killers bring them as well but inform Dr
Korac [anesthesiologist] about those.

6. Bring some boxer briefs and some of them that are loose, I don’t know
which you like more, but slips are not suitable. Also, bring some loose
trousers because you will feel more comfortable in them, especially when
going outside of the hospital.

Info they requested and costs

NOTE: This information (fees, tests, etc) will certainly change at some point. Do not assume that my costs or requirements will be the same as yours.

Back in the Spring of this year I contacted Dr Miro. Of course, the first thing Miro wanted was photos. I emailed the photos then we briefly discussed the procedures and the fees. (There was no need to go into great detail about the procedures as that information is available on his website ).

He said I should use a pump as well as testosterone cream (applied directly to the tissue) for 3 months prior to surgery – each done 2 or 3 times per day.

The fees:

10,000 euros for –
Metoidioplasty (release), scrotoplasty, vaginectomy, and urethral lengthening

750 euros for –
Testicular implants

Hospital fees are included.
Lodging after hospital is not.

I then began exchanging emails with Marta (to make arrangements) and the anesthesiologist.

The anesthesiologist requested the following information:

Age, weight and height

A report from my physician stating general status of my health, especially of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, with basic clinical examination.

A list of all medications (incl. hormonal support) that I am taking (generic names)

The following test results:
– Urea & Electrolytes (incl. blood sugar, liver function tests, thyroid function tests)
– Hepatitis B and C
– HIV test
– Chest X-Ray

These should be done at least a month before surgery and reports sent as soon as they are available (via e-mail is quite o.k.)

1. any known allergies of any kind (food, drugs, etc)
2. any problems regarding your nervous system (epilepsy,
depression, etc)
3. any problems regarding your cardiovascular system (heart problems,
incl. arrhythmias, murmurs, legs varicose veins, etc.), as well as if there
is a history of heart disease in your family
4. any problems regarding your respiratory system (childhood
bronchiolitis, asthma or laryngitis, current problems like chronic
obstructive disease or asthma, smoking, etc.)
5. any problems regarding your gastrointestinal system (stomach
ulcer, problems with small or large bowel, diabetes, problems regarding
liver, etc)
6. any other problems (eye sight, anemia, skin problems, alcohol
or drug abuse, etc)
7. are you regularly taking any other medications such as aspirin,
vitamins or other supplements, or alternative medications
8. when did you have, how many and what type of general or regional
anesthesia and what was your experience
9. have you ever had blood transfusion or transfusion of any blood

As of ten days ago, all of this information has been supplied to the anesthesiologist via emails from myself and my primary care physician.

Quick background

Alright, how to catch everyone up? LOL

I began T in 2006, (at the age of 37) after a complete hysto and top surgery. I contacted Dr Miro and another surgeon in July 2008. I had extensive email conversations with both and even had a face-to-face consultation with the surgeon in the U.S.

I was tempted to use the surgeon in the US but in the end decided to follow my gut and use Miro.

So, I saved money until I had enough then contacted Dr Miro again. I’ve been arranging things for a few months now and we’re getting closer…

Hello and welcome

Hello all,

While I was deciding between various surgery options (and surgeons) the websites and blogs of other guys’ journeys really helped a lot. So, I decided to blog my journey. I must admit that I’m a very private person so I really had to think about this. In the end, in the interest of striking balance between privacy and helping other guys, I decided to go for it – though I will be maintaining my privacy as much as possible.

My goal here is to get as much information as possible in one place. I’ll add information I’ve received from Dr Miro and his team as well as steps I’ve taken (and associated costs). Over the next few weeks I’ll post information from the last several months.

I am scheduled for surgery in Belgrade, Serbia on October 27, 2010. As I progress I will keep you all updated. If you have any specific questions, feel free to add a comment with your questions and I’ll answer them if I can.

Bear in mind that I do not have access every day so it may be a few (or several) days before I can respond.

Thank you for your patience as I familiarize myself with this website. I hope the information helps.


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