Surgeon’s Report

Before leaving Belgrade I received the surgeon’s report, in English, for my records. I will provide this report to my primary care physician to be incorporated with my medical records so that he will have accurate information regarding my medical history.

While I do not need this report in order to have any legal documents corrected (I’ve already completed necessary corrections) I know that many people do. Below is the text of the report (exactly as is typed in the report) followed by a JPG of the two page document.


NOTE regarding bicycling: The last line says no bicycling for three weeks and there is absolutely no way I would have been on a bicycle in three weeks. I was later told by another guy that his letter shows no bicycling for 3 months.

NOTE regarding Cialis: The dosage is unclear in the letter. As of December 2010 the recommendation is one half of a 20mg tablet every three days.

I have created some hyperlinks so that definitions and explanations are readily available:


The patient has been admitted for the planned gender reassignment surgery on October 27, 2010. According to HBIGDAStandards of Care, patient was preoperatively treated with hormones. Mr. XXXXXXXXXX has previously performed hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and bilateral mastectomy. After preoperative evaluation patient underwent surgery on October 27. Vaginal mucosa was completely removed (colpocleisis) except the part of anterior vaginal wall. Suprapubic cystostomy tube (cystofix) was introduced to the bladder. Clitoris was lengthened maximally by dissection of all suspensory and fundiform ligaments and by dividing of urethral plate. Urethral reconstruction begun with bulbar urethra reconstruction by vaginal flap combined with short urethral plate. Further urethral reconstruction was done using buccal mucosa graft that was harvested from the left cheek and fixed to the clitoral body (inlay) and tabularized with vascularized onlay flap harvested from left labia minora. The scrotum was created from the labia majora and testicular prostheses (Eurosilicone, V=18cc) were implanted and fixed in the proper position. Penile shaft was covered with remaining clitoral and surrounding labial skin.

Patient underwent uneventful recovery, bleeding was minor so there was no need for blood transfusion. There were no signs of inflammation or infection. It is mandatory to continue with antibiotic usage (Augmentin 1 g two times daily, Levofloxacine 250mg two times daily) for seven days, following with Augmentin 1g once a day as prophylaxis until beginning of voiding. Analgesic drugs are advised if necessary. Patient received Testosterone during the hospital stay. Suprapubic drainage should be removed three to four weeks after surgery. Vacuum device should be used according to the instructions, starting three weeks after the surgery for the period of at least six months continuously. Cialis tablets a 20mg, are advised to be used every third day, starting three weeks after the surgery, for the period of six months.

Mr. XXXXXXXXXX is advised to refrain from physical exercises for the period of two months and from bicycle riding from the period of three weeks.



  1. This is great, thank you for posting. Very comprehensive!

    • I’m glad you find it helpful! Good luck with your upcoming trip.

    • Ant
    • November 17th, 2010

    tomorrow makes 3 weeks to the day I get this nice letter…im soooo freaking excited =D

    • Congrats in advance, Ant! I’ll look forward to hearing from you while you’re over there. You’ll be good. 🙂

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